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A guide for instructors, to the MyReadings course reserves tool.

Embed MyReadings into another D2L module

An instructor may wish to embed a section of readings, from the MyReadings module, into another module on their course-site. If you wish to do this - perhaps to make your Week 1 readings accessible from your general Week 1 module, please follow these steps:

1) Within MyReadings, click on the ellipsis beside the required section of readings, and choose "Create a shareable link". Copy the link URL.


2) Return to the Content area of your D2L / MyCourselink site, navigate to the module where you wish to place the link, and from within that module, click the Upload / Create button, and choose Create a Link. Then paste in the URL you copied from MyReadings.

3) You will now have created a link, from within the desired module, back to a section of your MyReadings list. When students click the link, a new tab will open, with the appropriate section of readings expanded.