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A guide for instructors, to the MyReadings course reserves tool.

Add MyReadings to myCourselink

To begin using myReadings, you will have to add it to your myCourseLink / D2L course site.

Along with the step by step instructions below, this quick video can guide you through the process.

a) Within myCourselink, open up the course where you wish to add myReadings. Then click the CONTENT tab.

b) Under the Table of Contents on the left, add a new module titled MyReadings. You can drag this module up and down within the Table of Contents.

c) Within your myReadings module, click on Existing Activities and select External Learning Tools

d) From the list of External Learning Tools, choose MyReadings. A MyReadings icon will show up in your module. 



e) Before proceeding further with course list set-up, please follow this step to make myReadings open in a new tab - this alleviates some visibility problems your students might have with myReadings.

- Click on the down arrow beside myReadings and select "Edit Properties in Place"


Ensure the box "Open as External Resource" is checked.




f) To continue with course set-up, please click into myReadings. The step above may leave you in an "editing properties" stage - to get around this, click the main CONTENT tab in the top left of D2L, and then click on myReadings again.

You will now see some course set up pages. For your course name, please give your full course code, and the course name, for example PSYC 1001 FYE : Introduction to Psychology. The course dates would match the duration of your course, and participants should be the number of students in your class (which assists the library when we need to seek copyright clearance for certain items).

g) On the next page, please choose Create a New Reading List from Scratch.

When asked for a title, choose something appropriate for your course, such as PSYC 1001 Readings.

h) Choose a template.

A template merely refers to how many sections (of readings) will be pre-populated into your myReadings list. It is easy to modify (by adding or deleting sections) your reading list later if necessary.

Choosing "Blank" would allow you to add "sections" to your list as best suits your needs. For example, a section of "Week 1" readings, followed by "Week 2" readings, or perhaps sections based on different thematic groups of readings.

i) Once you have added 1, or several, sections, you can use the ADD ITEMS button to add items to your reading list with the tools mentioned in this guide.

For summer / fall 2021, you can add items yourself, and then have the library review them. Or, you can send a list of your readings to library staff, and we will upload your citations and readings for you.

You can send a list of readings to library staff by any of these methods:

- attaching the list as a file in our "course reserves request" form on this page.

- email the library directly (see Contact Us page on this guide)