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A guide for instructors, to the MyReadings course reserves tool.

Eligible Materials

Materials which can be added to Readings and Resources include:

  • Electronic materials licensed by the library (e.g. e-journal articles, e-books, streaming video)
  • Print materials which library staff will put on short term loan for your students to access in-person
  • Links to internet resources (YouTube videos, government websites, etc)
  • Scanned / digitized materials allowable under Fair Dealing and the Copyright Act.


Copyright and Fair Dealing Considerations

The library can digitize materials for use in the MyReadings area, provided that the scans fall within Fair Dealing guidelines. Please see this library page for more information about copyright guidelines which the library must follow.

Fair Dealing generally allows:

  • An excerpt from a copyright-protected work (i.e. from a print book)
  • A single article from a periodical
  • a single artistic work (including a painting, or photograph), or a single poem or musical score, from a copyright protected work containing other artistic works, or poems or musical scores.

If you wish to use an excerpt from a work which exceeds normal fair dealing allowances, the library may be able to purchase copyright clearance for the excerpt. 

* A full citation is required for all photocopied or scanned materials.