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A guide for instructors, to the MyReadings course reserves tool.

Adding a citation from the library's collection

From within the MyReadings area, inside MyCourseLink, you can search the library's collection, and add library resources to your list of readings.

1. Click on the ADD ITEMS + button at the top of your list.

2. On the right side, search options will appear. Click on Library Search, and you will be able to use Lakehead's OMNI search system, to find resources owned or licensed by the Lakehead Libraries (including books, ebooks, articles and more).

When you find a desired item:

Click on the item (book, article, streaming video) you would like to add, and drag and drop it directly into your reading list.


Adding a citation from My Collection

If you have been signing into OMNI, and using the OMNI "pinning" feature to favourite books, articles, documentaries (as pictured below), you can draw these favorited items into MyReadings.

"pinning" feature within OMNI - to favourite items in OMNI

In MyReadings, click the ADD + button, and look for the COLLECTION area. From COLLECTION, you can drag citations into your reading list.

Adding a file

The add a File feature is most commonly used to add a file from your computer to your reading list.


When adding files, especially articles, please ensure that you have checked our Copyright guide, and that anything you add falls within Fair Dealing allowances.




Adding a citation using the Blank Form

The "blank form" option allows you to manually add a citation - perhaps linking to a website if you are not using the Cite It! tool.