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Education (K-12)

Citing Your Work

Two common styles used in the Faculty of Education for citing your work are the APA Style (American Psychological Association) and MLA (Modern Language Association). 

Online information/assistance for citing with these two style formats is available here:

APA Style Blog
OWL Purdue Online Writing Lab (APA Style)

MLA Style Centre
OWL Purdue Online Writing Lab (MLA Style)

Citation Manuals

Click on a title below to determine availability and location: 

Citation Tools in Article Databases

Many education articles databases offer a "Cite" tool on their search results screen.  This tool will format your article information and format it in a citation style that you select (APA and MLA are available styles).   

Here is a list of education databases available through Lakehead University Library and the location of their CITE tool:

CBCA Complete, ERIC  (ProQuest):  In your results list you can select one or more references you would like to cite.  On the light blue bar above your results, click on the link labelled CITE.   It will format your results in the default citation style.  You can change the citation style. 

EducationSource, Teacher Reference Center (EBSCO): Click on the article you want to view.  On the right side are listed several tools.  Click on the "CITE" link.  You will be presented with the citation formatted in several citation styles.