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Education (K-12)

Approved Textbook Collection / Trillium List

All textbooks approved for use in Ontario Kindergarten to Grade 12 classrooms are listed on the Trillium List found on the Ontario Ministry of Education website.  Both Faculty of Education Library locations maintain a collection of currently approved K-12 textbooks.  

On both campuses this textbook collection includes currently approved K-12 textbooks as well as  other textbooks that are used in local schools, teacher guides and other approved student materials (big books, blackline masters, activity cards etc). 

Items in these collections are to be used in the library only, however, arrangements can be made to borrow these items during class time. 

For assistance in locating a title please ask the Library staff. 

Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum Documents (Print & Online)

Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum Documents are available online through the Ministry of Education's Curriculum page.  

Copies of Ministry of Education curriculum documents and other teaching documents are also available in the Education Library (Thunder Bay campus) and in the Heritage Place Library (Orillia Campus).  Copies of these documents are available for use in the library only. 

Other Important Curriculum Sites