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Education (K-12)

What is OSAPAC?

The OSAPAC Committee (Ontario Software Acquisition Program Advisory Committee) is composed of English and French representatives from across the province who advise the Ministry of Education on the acquisition of provincial licenses for publicly funded schools in Ontario.     Through this committee many software titles and digital products are made available for Ontario K-12 schools and through Ontario Faculties of Education. 

For a list of software currently licensed in Ontario, please visit the OSAPAC website.

Password Information for Faculty of Education

Many OSAPAC titles require specific login and access information which is available to all current Education faculty and students through myCourseLink.  Check your course listings for this course, "Education Passwords".   If you do not see this course in your course listings or if you encounter any difficulties please contact any of the following:

Gisella Scalese, Education Library, Thunder Bay Campus (807-343-8718 or email

Lucas Johnson, Educational Technologies Facilitator (807-343-8010 ext. 7849 or email

Kim Vallee, Education Library, Orillia Campus (705-330-4010 ext. 2252 or email