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What is Predatory Publishing?

What is predatory publishing?

"Predatory publishers or journals are those which charge authors a fee for publication with no intention of providing the expected services – such as editorial or peer review – in return. Charging a fee is a legitimate business model, but the publisher should be providing a good publishing service in return.  Authors, realizing that they have submitted their paper to a questionable publisher, can find they are charged a large fee if they want to withdraw their article"*

*About predatory publishing • Think. Check. Submit. (n.d.). Think. Check. Submit. Retrieved July 28, 2022, from

Think, Check, Submit


What to look out for?

  • Is this journal scholary? Is it connected to a scholarly organization or publisher?
  • Is it peer reviewed?  
  • What are the submission policies of the journal?
  • Is it indexed in a trusted database or index? (PubMed, PsycINFO)
  • Is the title of the journal similar to a highly cited journal?
  • Are there grammatical errors on the journal homepage?
  • Are you receiving unsolicited or spam email?

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