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Education (Graduate)

Omni Search Tips


All books (print or ebook), can be found by searching Omni, the library’s new search tool.  A complete search guide for using Omni is available here.  

Enter your search words in the main search box.  You can put quotation marks around a phrase. Results are displayed using a relevancy ranking, but you can change this to display your results by newest date first.   Change the “Sort By” option to “Date - Newest” 

To limit your search results you can use the limiters on the left side of your search results screen. 

A few tips to filter your results: 

  • To limit your search to online, under “Availability” select the “Available Online” filter. 
  • You can limit these results further by selecting a “Resource Type”. For example if you are interested in an ebook, you can select the “books and ebooks” filter. 
  • To find print books available in the Education Library (Thunder Bay Campus) only, select “Thunder Bay Education Library” under the “Library Locations” filter
  • To find books available in the Education Library (Orillia Campus) only, select “Orillia Education Library” under the “Library Locations” filter

Locations are listed below each title and in alphabetical order - if there are multiple locations you should click on the Location line to display additional locations: 

Available Information in Omni

Additional locations will be listed on the next screen: 

locations information in Omni

You can find books using information from the title, author name or subject keywords:

  • Enter one word or multiple words from title (put quotation marks to enclose phrases; use * for alternate word endings)
  • For author, enter last name followed by first name or initial
  • Use "Advanced Search" for combining search words and for searching with specific information (ie title, author, subject, ISBN etc)

To find books on teaching a subject:

  • Click on  Advanced Search, on the right of the Search box 
  • In the “Any Field” drop down box, select “Subject” and Enter a subject word (ie mathematics).  Follow your subject word with keywords study teaching (ie mathematics study teaching ; magnetism study teaching)
  • You can also enter a grade level (ie mathematics study teaching elementary; mathematics study teaching middle school; mathematics study teaching secondary)
  • When you find a book that is suitable for your topic, examine the subject headings, find one that best suits your topic and click for more titles.

Can't find the book/article you need or is it at another location?

It is possible to request books from another library location (Thunder Bay or Orillia campus).  While you are viewing a specific title,  sign into your account to determine which request options are available for that item.   Follow the instructions on the screen to complete your request. 

Interlibrary Loan is a Document Delivery service allowing users to request books and articles not available in the Lakehead Library collection. Requests are placed through a system called RACER.

See Interlibrary Loan - FAQ for further information and assistance, including How do I reset my RACER password?

Thunder Bay Campus: Users with additional inquiries should contact the Document Delivery Office (807-343-8135), located on the main floor of the Chancellor Paterson Library. E-mail may be sent to Operating hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm.

Orillia Campus: Users can visit the library, email, or call 705-330-4010 ext. 2250 (Harvie Legacy Library) or ext. 2252 (Education Library).


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