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Education (Graduate)

How to Locate Dissertations and Theses

There are many resources which will help you identify and access graduate level theses originating from Lakehead University, elsewhere in Canada, or internationally.   This is a list of resources available to help you locate theses and dissertations:

How to Find Lakehead University Faculty of Education Theses, Dissertations & Portfolios

Most Lakehead University Faculty of Education theses, portfolios, and dissertations are available in print in the Education Library and/or on the Lakehead University Knowledge Commons.  

In the Knowledge Commons (pictured below), you can search with information such as student name, advisor and title keyword. 



To search for Faculty of Education theses in print at the Education Library (Thunder Bay) in Omni: 

  2. Enter lakehead university faculty of education theses as a Subject 
  3. Your search can be narrowed further by including keywords relating to your topic on the second and third lines (i.e. author name, subject area, title words)

To search for a project or portfolio, follow the steps provided above, use either "Lakehead university faculty of education projects" or "lakehead university faculty of education portfolios" as a Subject

To search for a doctoral dissertation, follow the steps provided above, use lakehead university faculty of education PhD as a subject keyword.

How to Search for Theses/Dissertations in ERIC

It is possible to find  theses and disserations by searching ERIC.  Here are some tips for searching: