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Arts Integrated Research Library Guide

Arts Integrated Research in Canada

"Arts Integrated Research in the Canadian curriculum landscape is

thriving  because we are able to generate joy from beauty. ...

This is what Canadian arts education scholars have been doing --

generating examples for how new research literacies can be

felt, expressed, rendered, and investigated through the body".  

(Sameshima, 2020, P. VII)



Sameshima, P. (2020). Foreword: Developing critical mass in arts education research. B. Andrews (Ed.), Perspectives in arts education research in Canada. Brill/Sense



Sameshima, P. (2021).  Off-centre [needle-punched textile art].  
Project: Stories of Art and Local Transformation  (with Knowledge Brokering Team: J. Allison, R. Preston, B. Ross, B., & E. Cameron)