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Health Sciences

Saving your search results in Excel

Did you know that you can save your search results in Excel when you use many of our databases?

How do you do that?

CINAHL (and other Ebsco databases)

  1. Run your search and click on the folder next to each result you wish to add. You can also add several citations at the same time by going to the Share tab and clicking on the Add to Results link which can add up to 50 results per page.
  2. Click on the Folder at the top of your page and then click on Export. Select the CSV option and your results will download into an Excel file.

ProQuest Databases

  1. Run your search and click on Save and then select XLS


Save your ProQuest search


  1. Run your search
  2. Click on Send to at the top of your results 
  3. Click on File and then under Format, select CSV
  4. Click on Create File and your results will be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet.