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How to find books

Where are the non-English language books in Paterson? Most are located on the 4th Floor; however, Indigenous Languages material is mainly housed in the Northern Studies Resource Centre (NSRC/"North") which is located on the 5th Floor of Paterson.

This call number list details how the languages and literature section is organized.

Please contact your liaison librarian if you have any questions or suggestions for additions to this guide.

Finding French Language material-Paterson 4th Floor

  • History and Criticism: PQ1-150
  • General: PQ151-221
  • Medieval: PQ226-307
  • Modern: PQ400-491
  • Poetry: PQ500-591
  • Drama: PQ601-771
  • Prose and Prose Fiction: PQ781-841
  • Folk Literature Collections: PQ1101-1141
  • General: PQ1161-1193
  • Poetry: PQ1211-1241
  • Drama: PQ1243-1297 Prose