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HESC 5013-Soc and Ec Determinants of Health

Social and Ecological Determinants of Health

What is a Rapid Review?

What is a Rapid Review?

A form of knowledge synthesis in which components of the systematic review process are simplified or omitted to produce information in a timely manner.

Why conduct a Rapid Review?

Rapid Reviews are best for new and emerging topics. They also help assess current policies in a very short period of time. 


What makes a Rapid Review different than a Systematic Review?

  Rapid Review Systematic Review
Time Less than 5 weeks 12-18 months
Search Scope Limited sources More comprehensive search
Synthesis Descriptive Summary Qualitative Summary with Meta-analysis
Reviewers May only be one reviewer Must have at least 2 reviewers


What is a Rapid Review?

How to Conduct a Rapid Review?