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Northern Studies: Thunder Bay

Regional Statistics

  1. City of Thunder Bay.  Annual Report.  (Located on Paterson 5th Floor (NSRC) 
    Regional JS 1788 T5A15

    Annual reports also available online here.

  2. City of Thunder Bay.  Thunder Bay community profile: key facts & stats(Located on Paterson 5th Floor (NSRC) 
    Regional HC 118 T5T57 2008 

    Also available online here.

    Contains demographic, economic and cultural information for the City of Thunder Bay.  Includes available property, consumer price index, demographics, education, housing, labour force, major employers, quality of life, transportation, utilities, etc.
  3. Lakehead Social Planning Council.  Assessment of human service needs in Thunder Bay: environmental scan(Located on Paterson 5th Floor (NSRC) 
    Regional HN 110 T5L22 1999

    Details the human service needs of specific population groups including children and youth, women, seniors, persons with disabilities, and First Nations peoples.

  4. Southcott, Chris.  The North in numbers: a demographic analysis of social and economic change in Northern Ontario(Located on Paterson 5th Floor (NSRC) 
    Regional and University Collection FC 3951 L24 v.15

  5. Statistics Canada.  Profile of census tracts in Greater Sudbury, North Bay, Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay2 vols. 
    (Located on Paterson 5th Floor:  HA 741.5 O593 2006.  (2006 Census).

    Demographic information for characteristics such as population, language, occupation, family composition, housing, and labour force activity.


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