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Recent Changes to Library Resources

About this Page

Discover the Library's new eresource purchases including new databases, journal packages and other resources.

Any new interface or new upgrades will be posted here as well.

Cancellation decisions are in most cases based on one or more of the following criteria:

  • Cost: The inflationary costs of scholarly information continue to rise annually. In addition, the Library’s budget is particularly impacted by currency fluctuations (over half of the Library’s scholarly resources are paid for in U.S. funds) 
  • Overlap: Significant content overlap with other Library resources 
  • Usage: Past usage of the resource by Lakehead students, faculty and staff 
  • Scholarly need: Alignment of a resource with the University’s curricular and research programs; The scholarly importance of the resource (its centrality to the discipline and to accreditation requirements); the Library will prioritize keeping full-text (e.g. journal subscriptions) over indexes 

The decision to cancel a resource is made only after considerable discussion and exploration of alternatives.