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Web and Social Media Archiving

An introduction to user-friendly technologies for preserving web and social media material

Using saved web content

Just creating the saved web content is the first step, but there are many different things you can do once you've got it. 

Citing saved web sources: The Wayback Machine generates durable URLs that you can include in your citations, linking to the information as it existed the day you viewed it. 

Saving, sharing, and uploading content: ArchiveWeb.Page allows you to export web contents as a .WARC file, a format designed for working with complex website information. This file can then be uploaded to secure storage, or shared with others. 

As evidence: Saving web content as a .WARC which can then be replayed by others is a more reliable form of preserving evidence than taking a screenshot. 

As data: Web content and social media content can be turned into a dataset for analysis. See the Archives Unleashed Project for tools.