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Northern Studies: Northern Ontario


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Economic Blog

Social Conditions Reports

  1. Health human resources: forecasting needs in Northwestern Ontario 2013-2025.  Regional RA 410.9 O5H45 2013 Report
  2. Brotchie, Karli.  Poverty in Thunder Bay, a statistical reference:  phase II, a project of the Thunder Bay Economic Justice Committee, August 2006( 5th Floor - NSRC) HC 120 P6B87 2006
  3.  Citizen survey:  final report [City of Thunder Bay] / prepared by:  Compustat Consulting Inc(5th Floor - NSRC)   Regional HN 110 T5T95

  4.  New foundation:  a living strategic plan to build a new foundation for a better future.  (5th Floor - NSRC)   Regional HC 118 T5N54 2004
    Note:  Subsequent reports were released:  First 120 days, new foundation, the Corporation of the City of Thunder Bay, 1st 120 day Status Report@ July 26, 2004 and Second 120 days, New Foundation 120 day status report@ November 25, 2004.

  5.  North West LHIN integrated health services plan [binder](5th Floor - NSRC)   Regional RA 450 O5N81 2006
  6.  Northern lights, strategic investments in Ontario’s greatest asset:  a position paper presented to Ontario’s three major political parties, April   18, 2007 / Northern Ontario Large Urban Mayors.  (5th Floor - NSRC)  Regional HC 117 O5N5206 2007

  7.  Regional profile Northwestern / Ontario Trillium Foundation.  (5th Floor - NSRC)   Regional HC 117 O5R4337 2004
  8.  Urban Aboriginal Task Force.  Thunder Bay final report.  2007.  (5th Floor - NSRC)  Regional E 78 O5T56 2007

    Discusses social issues as they relate to the Indigenous community.  Includes youth, health, women, culture and identity and income levels.

Economic Development Reports

  1. Getting it right in Ontario's far north:  the need for a regional strategic environmental assessment in the Ring of Fire (Wawangajing). Regional HC 117 O5C55 2014
  2. Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.  Far North land use strategy:  a discussion paper.
    Regional HC 117 O5O445 2014
  3. Dadgostar, Dr. Bahram.  Poised for development, ready for growth.  Regional HC 117 O5D115 2013
  4. Wildlife Conservation Society Canada.  A Fork in the road:  future development in Ontario's far north.
    Regional HC 117 O5C375 2013
  5. Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, & Forestry.  Growth plan for Northern Ontario 2011.
    Regional HC 117 O5O47 2011 Plan
  6. Far North Science Advisory Panel.  Science for a changing far north.  Regional HC 117 O5F15 2010
  7. Hall, Heather.  Innovation and creativity on the periphery:  challenges and opportunities in Northern Ontario.  
    Regional HC 117 O5H24 2009
  8. Ontario.  Ministry of Public Infrastructure Renewal.  Places to grow:  better choices, brighter future:  towards a growth plan for Northern Ontario:  a discussion paper.   Regional HC 117 O5O47 2008
  9. Rosehart, Robert G.  Northwestern Ontario:  preparing for change:  Northwestern Ontario Economic Facilitator report.   Regional HC 117 O5R79 2008
  10. Enhancing the economy of Northwestern Ontario.  Regional HC 117 O5E58 2007
  11. Forging the future … an economic vision for Northwestern Ontario.   Regional HC 117 O5F72 2007
  12. Mulholland, Ron.  The State of small- and medium-sized enterprises in northern Ontario, November 2007
    Regional HC 117 O5M95 2007
  13. Ontario.  Ministry of Northern Development and Mines.  Northern Prosperity Plan progress report [Ontario] = Rapport d’étape sur le Plan pour la prospérité du Nord Regional HC 117 O5O47 2007
  14. Bollman, Ray D.  Northern Ontario’s communities:  economic diversification, specialization and growth
    Regional HC 117 O5B69 2006
  15. Di Matteo, Livio.  Strategies for developing a broadly based regional knowledge economy in Northwestern Ontario, a report prepared for the North Superior Training Board, Thunder Bay, Ontario.  
    Regional and UNIV. HD 5729 O5D54 2006
  16. North Superior Training Board.  Impact of closures and layoffs in the District of Thunder Bay:  community assessment, North Superior Training Board.  2006.  Regional HC 118 T5I36 2006
  17. Creating our future:  a new vision for Northern Ontario / Northern Ontario Large Urban Mayors, Northern Ontario Municipal Association; Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities.    Regional HC 117 O5C85 2005
  18. Ontario.  Minister’s Council on Forest Sector Competitiveness.  Final report / Minister’s Council on Forest Sector Competitiveness.   Regional HD 9764 C33O5O5 2005
  19. Flasza, Walter J.  BCIP step 1:  regional innovation profile for Thunder Bay, Northwestern Ontario.  
    Regional HC 118 T5B45 2004
  20. Government of Canada action plan for Northern Ontario / Northern Ontario Citizen engagement forum.  
    Regional HC 117 O5G725 2002
  21. Thunder Bay Ventures.  Report / Thunder Bay Ventures, Community Futures Development Corporation funded by Industry Canada/FedNor.   Regional HC 118 T5T537   (1998-2012)
  22. TOP report:  trends, opportunities, priorities … North Superior Training Board
    Regional HD 5729 O5T785   (2007-2011)