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Faculty and Instructors

Teaching Support

  • AWARE (Academic Writing and Research E-Site): Able to assign your students modules on plagiarism, copyright etc.
  • Copyright
  • Course Reserves
  • Creating Durable Links
  • Liaison librarians serve as a familiar first point-of-contact, when faculty have questions or concerns about the library. We also offer:
    • information literacy instruction for your class which can range from a one-shot session to a series of sessions over several weeks
    • Help designing effective library assignments
    • Library Research Consultations
  • Past Exams

    In accordance with a Senate Regulation Lakehead University Library provides the past three years of examinations. Past exams are available for viewing in PDF format via myCourseLink. Once logged in, look for the "Past Exams" course in the "Select a course..." drop down menu.

    All exams are added shortly after completion unless the instructor has followed the procedures to request an exemption. On the Thunder Bay campus the Library obtains copies of exams from the print shop. On the Orillia campus copies are provided directly to the Library.

    If you can't see past exams in MyCourseLink, self-register by selecting "What to Do if You Cannot Find a Course" in the myCourseLink welcome screen after logging in. Then, scroll down to the "Self-Registering for NON-Academic courses" section and follow the Self-Registration link.

  • RACER (Interlibrary Loan)
  • Streaming Media

Research Support

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