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AI Tools

About this Guide

This guide is for informational purposes only.  It provides a (by no means exhaustive) collection of links and other resources about AI tools but does not advocate or advise against any particular tool. 

FOR STUDENTS: please consult with your instructor/professor before using any of these tools and for questions about responsible class use.

Artificial Intelligence - What is it?

"Artificial intelligence" is a term that covers a lot of situations.  When your phone autocompletes a text, an online store suggests an item for purchase, or an app ranks the best route to a restaurant, are all examples of how AI is already integrated into everyday life. 

A recent leap in the abilities of generative AI (like ChatGPT), which can respond to a prompt with complex answers or images, resulted in many questions about how this will affect academia.  This guide is meant to provide some background information on the topic of AI with a focus on generative AI and other advanced tools, to give context to a complex and ongoing development of technology.  

ChatGPT as an Author?

screenshot of an article with ChatGPT as author