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Indigenous Learning - Métis in Canada

Michif Language

Available Print Resources

How Michif was lost.  based on a story by Jeanne Pelletier.
North E 99 M47H69 2015  

A language of our own:  the genesis of Michif:  the mixed Cree-French language of the Canadian Métis.  Peter Bakker.
North PM 7895 M53B35 1997



La lawng:  Michif Peekishkwewin:  the heritage language of the Canadian Métis:  Manitoba Metis Federation Michif Language Program.
North PM 7895 M53L45 2004 
 2 Vols.

Métis legacy:  Michif culture, heritage, and folkways.  (volume II).  Editors, Lawrence J. Barkwell, Leah M. Dorion, Audreen Hourie.
North FC 109 M4712 2006

Michif dictionary 2013. Norman Fleury.
North PM 7895 M53F543 2013 

The Michif dictionary : Turtle Mountain Chippewa Cree. Patline Laverdure, Ida Rose Allard.
North PM 7895 M53L38 1983



Online Resources