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Indigenous Learning - Métis in Canada

Métis Governance

The Métis Nation is represented through democratically-elected, province-wide governance structures from Ontario westward; namely, the
Métis Nation of Ontario, the Manitoba Métis Federation, the Métis Nation – Saskatchewan, the Métis Nation of Alberta and the Métis Nation British Columbia. These Métis governance structures are the contemporary expression of the centuries-old struggle of the Métis Nation to be self-determining within the Canadian federation and are the Governing Members of the Métis National Council.

Métis citizens mandate these governance structures through province-wide ballot box elections held at regular intervals for regional and provincial leadership. They and their communities also participate in these Métis governance structures by way of elected Locals or Community Councils and provincial assemblies held annually.

Credit:  Métis National Council - Governance

Provincial Métis Associations

Federal Métis Associations