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The People and the Text

Indigenous Authors - West Coast

Many talented Indigenous authors originate from the west coast of Canada. Here is a listing of both fiction & non-fiction authors:

Archibald, Jo-Ann (Q'um Q'um Xiiem)
Armstrong, Jeannette C.
Atleo, Eugene Richard
Blackstock, Cindy
Brokenleg, Dr. Martin
Bruce, Halie
Clutesi, George
Cole, Peter
Crey, Ernie
Dandurand, Joseph A.
George, Chief Dan
Gottfriedson, Garry
Ignace, Ron
Justice, Daniel Health
Macleod, Heather
Manuel, Arthur
Manuel, George
Maracle, Lee
Napoleon, Val
Paul, Philip Kevin
Robinson, Eden
Scofield, Gregory
Smith, Monique Gray
Sterling, Shirley
Vickers, Roy Henry
Walkem, Ardith (Wal'petko We'dalx)
William, Gerry
Yahgulanaas, Michael Nicoll

Indigenous Authors - Northern Territories

Some excellent titles produced by Indigenous authors from Canada's territories. List contains both fiction and non-fiction.

Blondin, George
Canadien, Albert
Coulthard, Glen
Crate, Joan
Erasmus, Georges
Freeman, Mini Aodia
French, Alice
Ipellie, Alootook
Pitseolak, Peter
Pokiak-Fenton, Margaret
Sidney, Angela (Ch'oonehte'Ma)
Thrasher, Anthony Apakark
Van Camp, Richard

Indigenous Authors - Prairie Provinces

Check out the literary works, both fiction and non-fiction of these Indigenous writers:

Acoose, Janice
Adams, Howard
Ahenakew, Freda
Baker, Marie Annhart
Bouchard, David
Bouvier, Rita
Brass, Eleanor
Calliou, Brian
Campbell, Maria
Cariou, Warren
Charette, Guillaume
Cuthand, Beth
Cuthand, Doug
Deerchild, Rosanna
Dickason, Olive
Dumont, Marilyn
Episkenew, Jo-Ann
Farrell-Racette, Sherry
Fife, Connie
Fontaine, Phil
Francis, Marvin
Goodwill, Jean
Goulet, Keith
Halfe, Louise Bernice
Highway, Tomson
Hungry Wolf, Beverly
Innes, Robert Alexander
Johnson, Harold
Kane, Margo
Kirkness, Verna J.
Ladner, Kiera
Lalor, George
LaRocque, Emma
Little Bear, Leroy
Littlechild, Wilton
Loyie, Larry
McCaslin, Wanda
McLeod, Neal
Mercredi, Ovide
Monture-Angus, Patricia
Mosionier, Beatrice Culleton
Pinette, Dr. Gilles
Robertson, Carmen
Robertson, David Alexander
Sapp, Allen
Scribe, Murdo
Sinclair, Niigaanwewidam James
Sinclair, Raven
Snow, John
Stonechild, Blair
Stout, Madeleine Dion
Stump, Sarain
Vermette, Katherena
Voyageur, Cora
Wagner, Elaine J.
Wilson, Alexandria (Alex)
Wood, Morgan
Young, Doris
Younging, Gregory

Indigenous Authors - Central Canada

The collections of the Lakehead University Library contain many works written by Indigenous authors. Some authors from Central Canada, predominately Ontario, are listed below with a link to library holdings (fiction & non-fiction).

Absolon, Kathleen
Agger, Helen
Akiwenzie-Damm, Kateri
Anderson, Kim
Bartleman, James
Beaver, George
Belleau, Lesley
Bird, Louis
Borrows, John
Brant, Beth
Copway, George (Kah-Ge-Ga-Gah-Bowh)
Dawendine (Bernice Loft Winslow)
DePasquale, Paul W.
Dimaline, Cherie
Faries, Emily Jane
Groulx, David A.
Greene, Alma (Gah-wonh-nos-doh)
Hill, Barbara-Helen
Hunter, Al
Johnson, E. Pauline
Johnston, Basil
Jones, Peter (Kahkewaquonab)
Keeshig-Tobias, Lenore
Kenny, George
Kinew, Wabanakwut (Wab)
Laronde, Sandra
Maracle, Brian
McLean, Lynne Sherry
McMaster, Gerald
McPherson, Dennis
MacTaggart, Peggy
Mishenene, Rachel
Monture, Rick
Moses, Daniel David
Nadjiwon, Roland
Newhouse, David
Pelletier, Wilfred (Baibomsey)
Proulx-Turner, Sharron
Redbird, Duke
Rice, Waubgeshig
Rogers, Janet Marie
Ruffo, Armand Garnet
Simpson, Leanne
Slipperjack, Ruby
Solomon, Arthur
Talaga, Tanya
Taylor, Drew Haydon
Turpel, Mary Ellen
Waboose, Jan Bourdeau
Wagamese, Richard
Waubageshig (aka H.A. or Harvey McCue)
Williams, Doug (Gidigaa Migizi)
Williams, Georgina
Wright-McLeod, Brian

Indigenous Authors - Quebec

Some titles of possible interest from the province of Quebec (fiction & non-fiction):

Alfred, Taiaiake
Cheechoo, Shirley
Blue Cloud, Peter
Goodleaf, Donna
Mesher, Dorothy
Nappaaluk, Salome Mitiarjuk Attasi
Noel, Michel
Sioui, Georges E.
White, Tara

Indigenous Authors - Maritime Provinces

Great titles originating from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island or Newfoundland/Labrador (fiction and non-ficiton):

Battiste, Marie
Bear, Shirley
Campbell, Lydia
Igloliorti, Phillip
Joe, Rita
Knockwood, Isabelle
Maggo, Paulus
Simon, Lorne Joseph

Indigenous Authors - Compilations

Gatherings:  The En'owkin Journal of First North American Peoples
Stacks PR 9244 G26
1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000

Indigenous Authors - International