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Searching Omni

To find books on a specific topic, try using the Browse option in Omni.

  1. Inside Omni, choose Browse in the top toolbar.
  2. Using the pull-down menu on the left, select Subject
  3. Type in your search term-  for example Composers or Musicians and run the search.
  4. Note the many narrower categories under the Subject. Select the one most relevant to your topic.

Also try searching types of music, such as choral music or motets, or instrumental music.

For Music in a specific period, try:

  • Music 20th century
  • Music 17th century - History and criticism
  • Music 500-1400 (for the Medieval period)
  • Music Europe 16th Century

Note: to search for musicians or composers as the topic, use the Advanced Search in Omni and change the Any field box to Subject. Then enter the musician's or composer's name.