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Open Access and Scholarly Communications

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Researcher Identifiers

A recent trend is the assignment of an identifier to a specific individual.  This research identifier will help to gather up all published research by an individual with a single search, help to disambiguate similar or identically-named researchers and track research output from insititution to institution.  Researchers can apply for a free identifier from:




Scholars are used to traditional metrics like citation counts and journal impact factors - alternative metrics (altmetrics) are a suite of tools and measures that seek to define the influence and impact of a scholarly work in other ways which often includes social media.  Greg Tanenbaum's "Article-level metrics : a SPARC primer" offers an overview of one type of alt-metric evaluation.

Examples of altmetric tools:

  • Plum Analytics (requires subscription - currently owned by Ebsco)
  • ImpactStory (requires subscription)
  • Altmetric (requires subscription - currently owned by Macmillan)
  • GoogleScholar - includes Cited by counts
  • AltMetric bookmarklet (free, requires installation, works with Chrome, Firefox and Safari)
  • SpringerLink provides a link to a brief Altmetric page for each article