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Zotero Guide

Advanced options

There are numerous ways to add items to Zotero, which we have not mentioned in this guide.

Please see this Zotero Documentation page for more information.

Adding from a finished bibliography:

There may be times when you have a finished paper, with a full bibliography, but you do not have the citations from that bibliography in your Zotero account.

If you wish to add citations into Zotero, from a bibliography, you have some options as described on this Zotero documentation page.

Options (and tidiness of the process) depend on:

a) if the bibliography was created using Zotero (or another citation manager) - in which case you will likely use Reference Extractor.

b) if the bibliography was created manually without the help of a citation manager - in which case you will likely use AnyStyle.

In both instances, you will end up with a file (BibTex for example) which you will then import into your Zotero library.

This will bring the citations into Zotero - but not the full text .pdfs, which, if needed, you will have to import in other ways.

Again, please see the above mentioned Zotero documentation page for details.