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Zotero Guide

Zotero Connector

The Zotero Connector, a plug-in or extension which you add into your web browser, provides one click saving of articles / book records / web pages / youtube videos, into your Zotero account.

Depending on what sort of webpage / resource you are currently viewing, the Zotero icon in your browser will change appearance - for example, when you are viewing an academic article, Zotero looks like a piece of paper, and when you are viewing a book catalogue record, Zotero looks like a book.

If you are viewing an item (an academic article for example), which you wish to save, you simply click the Zotero icon in your browser, and Zotero will add both the citation, and the full text .pdf (if Zotero can see it on the page), into your Zotero account.


Please see our Zotero video on this page for some examples of using the Zotero connector to save items, and some things to be aware of, when using the Connector. Use of the Connector is demonstrated at about the 2:25 minute mark of the video.