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Zotero Guide

Get it! in the Library

As you import citations into your Zotero desktop piece in various ways, there may be instances where you have the citation, for an article, but not yet the .pdf of that article.

If you wish to quickly tell if the Lakehead library has the full text of the article, you can use Zotero's View it! tool.

This will ensure that by the click of a button you can tell if the Library has the full text .pdf of an article that you have added to your Zotero account.

How do you do this?

First, you have to add some Lakehead catalogue coding into your Zotero desktop piece.

Click on the Edit tab in your Zotero account and select Preferences.

Select Advanced. Using the "Search for Resolvers" button, you should be able to find Lakehead on the dropdown list, and all the needed information will auto-complete.

If necessary - you "could" (but shouldn't need to), paste the following into the Resolver line:

and select the OK button


Screenshot of preference box in Zotero for configuring the get it!


You would then browse through citations in your Zotero folders which do not have a full text .pdf attached.

Click on and highlight one of the citations, and then click the green arrow in the upper ight, and choose Library Lookup.


If successful, this will bring you to a Lakehead Library OMNI page for your article. You could download the .pdf to your computer, and then attach the .pdf to your citation, using the paperclip icon also shown in the picture above.

OR - you could download the citation + .pdf anew, and then go back and delete the original citation which did NOT have the .pdf, in order not to have numerous duplicate entries.