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Children / Young Adult Book Lists

How to Find Children's Books on Character / Virtues / Behaviour

You can locate books in the Libraries using Omni and entering the title, author or subject of the book.  To find a book by subject,  you can enter a subject heading.  Be sure to select "Subject"  in ADVANCED search.   A sample of subject heading for books on Character/Virtues are listed below:

  • Self-confidence - juvenile fiction
  • Optimism - juvenile fiction
  • Empathy- juvenile fiction
  • Conduct of life - juvenile fiction
  • Generosity - juvenile fiction
  • Kindness - juvenile literature
  • Thoughtfulness - juvenile literature
  • Helping behavior
  • Compassion - juvenile fiction
  • Courage - juvenile fiction
  • Behavior - juvenile fiction
  • Talebearing
  • Courtesy
  • Swearing
  • Temper tantrums

A Selection of Titles