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LexisNexis Academic

Check out LexisNexis Academic - available through the Faculty of Law Library.

Besides includng cases, statutes, law reviews and other legal information, LexisNexis Academic also provides access to:

  • Full text of articles from more than 2,500 newspapers, including top-tier news publications such as The New York Times® and The Washington Post® and local, national, and international sources
  • News from more than 300 local and regional newspapers, blogs and other web sources via WebNews. WebNews aggregates relevant information from the websites of newspapers that are not formally included in LexisNexis Academic subscription such as The Times-Picayune, the Seattle Times, The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and the Orlando Sentinel.
  • Full text of articles from more than 1,000 magazines and journals and more than 1,000 newsletters, such as American Journalism Review, Business and Finance Week, Newsweek®, Library Journal®, New Republic, and Variety
  • Wire services, updated several times per day, including Associated Press, Business Wire, and PR Newswire™
  • Hard-to-find transcripts from major television and radio networks such as ABC News®, CBS News®, CNN®, FOX News®, NBC®, MSNBC®, and NPR®, as well as political transcripts covering congressional committee hearings, press briefings from the state, justice and defense departments, and presidential news conferences
  • Premium blogs, video blogs and Twitter® feeds approved by the LexisNexis Academic content team