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Key Article Databases

Database Tips

AtoZ Maps Glossaries:

AtoZ Maps includes several Glossaries:

  • Volcanology Glossary (USGS)
  • Weather Glossary (NOAA)
  • Weather Abbrev. and Acronyms
  • Climate Change Glossary - EPA
  • Geography Visual Glossary
  • GIS Glossary

GeoBase Thesaurus Search:

The Thesaurus function helps you to:

  • Identify controlled vocabulary terms
  • Find synonyms and related terms
  • Improve your search strategy with suggested and narrower terms

The Thesaurus is accessible from the main Search page.

GeoBase Mapping Tool - graphically showing, or mapping, the significant geographic features mentioned in the result set of a search. After running a search, click the Show Map link to display a map of your results.  The map plots different geographical data from GEOBASE search results on a digital  map using Google map technology.

Other Databases

How to find an article

Graphic chart on finding an article