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Social Justice Teaching & Topics : Teaching Social Justice

Finding Books on Teaching Social Justice

Each book in the Online Catalogue is assigned one or more subject heading to describe the subject content of the book.  If you do not have a title or author and are looking for books on a specific subject, you can enter a subject heading.  Try these subject headings for finding books on Social Justice:

  • Social Justice - study and teaching
  • Multicultural education
  • Democracy - study and teaching
  • Global method of teaching
  • International education
  • Educational Change
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Racism
  • Racism study and teaching
  • Children's rights study and teaching
  • Human rights study and teaching

Be sure to select "Subject Heading" as the Search type in BASIC search or "Subject Keyword" as the search type in ADVANCED search.

Social Justice Teaching

Listed below is a selection of titles on Social Justice Teaching found in the Education Library.  For a selection of K-12 books (print and online) on Social Justice topics please click on the blue tabs in this guide.