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Cell Biology 2230: Cell Biology 2230

Top Cell Biology E-Journals


Secondary Sources

For a great place to find secondary articles, check out Annual Reviews!

These are a series of journals which provide reviews of research in many different fields

Key Article Databases

Finding Cited articles

A great way to do to find articles that cite your original article is to use Web of Science or Google Scholar.

In Web of Science you can find cited articles by:

  • Running a Cited Reference Search - Check out Web of Science's How to do a Cited Reference Search
  • You can also run a search in Web of Science, remember to limit your results to "Article" for original research publications. Check for "Times Cited" next to your results.

In Google Scholar you can find cited articles by:

  • Running a search and checking for Cited by underneath each result.



Finding popular magazines!

Try searching the following databases to find popular magazine articles!

Looking for Images?

How do you find appropriate images for different kinds of cells?

Try these:

1) ScienceDirect - a database of thousands of full-text scientific journals. Includes an image search.

  • Click on the Advanced Search link in the top right corner of the database
  • Click on the images tab in the search box.
  • Run your search  - see an example here.

2)Biological Abstracts

  • Click on the Multimedia Tab
  • Type in your search  under Quick Search and click on Search (All Multimedia)
  • You can limit your search by subject - for example Biochemistry Biophysics
  • Or you scroll to the bottom of the page and limit by media type - for example images.
  • Click here for an example of an image.