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Graduate Education : Literature Reviews

Lakehead University's Writing Centre

More Helpful Guides ....

For helpful information on writing a literature review, try these guides...

A helpful interactive tutorial: Conducting a literature review in education and the behavioral sciences

Literature Reviews from University of North Carolina.

The Literature Review: a few tips on conducting it.   (University of Toronto): Focuses on what elements must be contained in a literature review, then provides questions you should ask to make a more effective document. Very concise, but useful.

Academic Writing: Review of Literature (Writer's Handbook, Univ. Wisconsin, Madison)  A very brief description of the structure of a literature review is provided. Bulleted lists for the Introduction, Body and Conclusion are provided. The site does not offer assistance for the searching or writing process.

How to find Literature Reviews in Education Article Databases

It is possible to find literature reviews using various article databases. Here are some tips for searching:

CBCA Complete - In Advanced Search, select "Literature Review" as a Document Type limiter.

ERIC via Proquest - add the subject heading "literature reviews" to your search.

ERIC via EBSCO - add the subject heading "literature reviews" to your search.

Education Source - add the subject heading "literature reviews" to your search.

Sources for Literature Review Articles in Education Journals

Listed below are research journals in Education that specialize in publishing reviews of research literature on topics in education.  Lakehead University Library provides access to these journal titles, simply click on the title to access the issues:

Review of Educational Research: Official journal of the American Educational Research Association (AERA).  RER is published quarterly and is indexed in ERIC, Professional Development Collection and PsycInfo. 

Review of research in education:   The Review of Research in Education provides an annual overview and descriptive analysis of selected topics of relevant research literature through critical and synthesizing essays. RRE promotes discussion and controversy about research problems, in addition to pulling together and summarizing the work in a field.  Also an American Educational Research Association (AERA) publication.

Educational Review:   This is a leading journal for generic educational research and scholarship from Britain. This journal includes authoritative reviews of current national and international issues in schooling and education. It publishes peer-reviewed papers from international contributors which report research across a range of education fields including curriculum, inclusive and special education, educational psychology, policy, management and international and comparative education.
Educational Psychology Review:  Features review articles in general education psychology: learning, cognition, measurement, school-related counseling, and development.