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Education: Curriculum Documents

Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum Documents (Print & Online)


Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum Documents are available online through the Ministry of Education's Curriculum page.



Copies of Ministry of Education curriculum documents and other teaching documents are also available in the Education Library (Thunder Bay campus) and Orillia Campus Library (Downtown Orillia Campus).  Copies of these documents are available for use in the library only.  You can search for these documents in the libraries using the Online Catalogue.   For help searching the Online Catalogue, please ask for assistance in the libraries.










Other Online Curriculum Sites

TeachOntario:  TeachOntario is an online platform to support sharing, collaboration and knowledge exchange amongst educators across Ontario. TeachOntario was created by TVO, in partnership with the Ontario Teachers’ Federation (OTF), its Affiliates and the Ministry of Education (EDU), and in consultation with teachers from a variety of districts across the province. TeachOntario is a unique destination for teachers as it has been created “For Ontario’s Teachers, By Ontario’s Teachers”. The purpose of TeachOntario is to serve Ontario educators and celebrate Ontario educators.  (Create a free account to access all resources)

EduGAINS:  Edugains is a website that houses Ministry developed resources to support policies and programs related to improved teaching and learning - Kindergarten to Grade 12 in Ontario Schools. (freely accessible)

eWorkshop Online Teaching Resource: This online resource was developed for elementary teachers by the Ontario Ministry of Education and TFO. It includes modules on Literacy and Numeracy with videos of teachers in action, activity sheets, lesson plans and more. You'll also find modules on Daily Physical Activity (DPA) from the government's Healthy Schools program, and on Anaphylaxis, for the protection of students with life-threatening allergies.

Curriculum Services Canada:  Curriculum Services Canada (CSC) is the Pan-Canadian standards agency for quality assurance in learning products and programs. An incorporated, not-for-profit organization that provides services including the development, implementation, evaluation, and accreditation of teaching and learning resources, and the delivery of professional learning opportunities online, using multimedia and social networking. Our organization works closely with governments, NGOs, industry, and agencies across Canada and internationally on initiatives related to learning and learner success at all ages and stages of life. CSC supports educators and community groups in taking a leadership role in their boards, schools, classrooms, organizations, and communities.