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English Literature: Postcolonial Literature

eReference Books

The following titles are electronic reference works (generally encyclopedias), useful for postcolonial literature studies.

Literature Criticism Online

Literature Criticism Online is an electronic compilation of historical and contemporary criticism on works of literature. It contains two sub-collections of note for postcolonial literature students - Contemporary Literary Criticism Online, and 20th Century Literary Criticism Online.

You can type in the name of an author, or the title of a book, and retrieve works of literary criticism on that author / book.

Contemporary Literary Criticism

Postcolonial Literature

The following are titles of interest in postcolonial literature studies. If the book is at the other campus, please ask library staff how to request it via inter-campus loan. It can be sent to your campus and be ready for pick-up in 3 to 4 days.

Searching for books on postcolonial literature

The screenshot below is from the record for a book called Australian literature : postcolonialism, racism, transnationalism. As shown, the phrase Postcolonialism in literature is an official subject heading which you can search in the book catalogue to retrieve any books which have been assigned this subject heading.

postcolonialism in literature

Typing in the phrase Postcolonialism in literature, and searching it as a subject keyword in the book catalogue, will retrieve a long list of general books on this topic. You may wish to set up a search as pictured below - on the third line, you may have a country/region name, an author's name, or some other keyword which would narrow down your search. 

advanced catalogue search

Subject Guide

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