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eHRAF Subsistence Types - In the new version of eHRAF World Cultures,  you can narrow your search by subsistence type.

What is a subsistence type?

A subsistence type is a way people obtain resources to live. Examples of subsistence types include: foragers, horticulturalists, intensive agriculturalists etc.

Go to eHRAF for a list of Cultures and their subsistence types in eHRAF World Cultures

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Citing a document in eHRAF

When citing a document from eHRAF, use the citation style you normally would use (e.g., MLA, AAA style) for the author, title, original publisher and original date of publication and then add the following: As seen in eHRAF World Cultures on [add date of access]. You should also include the URL for the database.

Hint: The publication information can be found at the top of the paragraph result, in the publication information section of the whole document, or in the printed or emailed results.