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Government Information/Data: Research Data

This guide will lead you to resources for government documents, statistics or data and geospatial data or maps

Glossary for research data management

Glossary for research data management

What is it?

It is a pilot to demonstrate the value of a dedicated set of terms for the Research Data Domain. Each term has a unique identifier (UUID) and a URL that can be used as references to enhance reading comprehension of documents by hyperlinking terms to their definition. The URL for each term contains a link to a "Discussion" page to complete the feedback loop with the community of users.

Brought to you by Research Data Canada (RDC) in partnership with the International Consortia Advancing Standards in Research Information (CASRAI)

Statistical Software

Data files, sometimes referred to as "microdata",  consist of the collected responses of a sample population to a questionnaire.

Analysis of these data generally requires access to specific software, such as SPSS, and some knowledge of research methods.

SPSS software is available in the main floor computer lab in the Chancellor Paterson Library, as well as in the computer labs on the third floor of ATAC Building.

Students and researchers can also contact the Lakehead University Statistical Consulting Service for professional statistical services and consultations.

Data Sources

Note: Data files are commonly subject to restricted use under the terms of the licensing agreements signed by the Library. In many cases, use is limited to members of the university community and for research and academic purposes only.

If you require a DLI data file from Statistics Canada that is not available from the ODESI or Equinox sites, contact the Research Help Desk (807-343-8302). Browse the complete list of DLI Surveys.

Scholars Portal Data Subject Guides

These guides are intended for ODESI users interested in working with the Census of Canada (Census of Population and Census of Agriculture), education and health data.

Links are provided to individual datasets within ODESI.



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Download Beyond 20/20

Statistics Canada releases some of their files in Beyond 20/20 format, a free Windows-based program that allows users to manipulate their data to a much greater degree than is possible with the interface on the Statistics Canada website.