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Kinesiology: Tutorials and Search Tips

Know Your Databases

To make the best use of library databases, it is important that you know their features and how they work. You can find this information under links labelled:

  • Help
  • Search Tips
  • etc.

Make sure you know the order in which boolean operators are processed, what characters are used for truncation, whether controlled vocabulary (subject headings, descriptors) is used and other important factors that may affect your search results.

Boolean Operators

Familarize yourself with boolean operators. They are key to  effective search strategies and allow you to combine multiple search terms.

AND - all terms will be included in the search results

OR - at least one of the terms will be present in the search results

NOT - excludes terms from the search results


Want to narrow your search?  Include additional terms with AND or exclude terms with NOT.

Need to broaden your search? Include alternate terms with OR.

Subject Guide

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Valerie Gibbons
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